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Avid Pro Tools 9.0 full installer + Loader crack 1.1 MacOSX

Avid Pro Tools 9.0 full installer + Loader crack 1.1  MacOSX
Avid Pro Tools 9.0 full installer + Loader crack 1.1 | MacOSX | 4.66 GB + 465 MB

Open yourself to the possibilities. Pro Tools 9 redefines the world’s most popular, most advanced music and audio production platform with an all-new, completely re-architected, open version of Pro Tools software, giving you what you asked for—and so much more. Work with an audio interface—or without. Create bigger, better-sounding mixes with more tracks, Automatic Delay Compensation, and other pro features included as standard. Open your workflow to projects created in other audio and video software—and to the entire Avid Artist Series and Pro Series (formerly Euphonix) console/controller line. With Pro Tools 9, you can truly compose, record, sequence, edit, and mix the way you want—in more ways than ever.

Features & Benefits

* Work the way you want—with your favorite Avid audio interface, third-party Core Audio/ASIO interface (up to 32 channels supported), or standalone
* Create bigger mixes with more simultaneous audio tracks—up to 96 or 192* voices
* Get coveted pro features such as multitrack Beat Detective, OMF/AAF/MXF interchange, DigiBase Pro, and full Import Session Data dialog as standard
* Create better-sounding, phase-accurate mixes with Automatic Delay Compensation
* Expand your hands-on control options with EUCON integration for Artist and Pro Series consoles/controllers
* Work with video more easily with the Time Code Ruler and variable stereo pan depths, and mix in surround with the updated 7.1 surround panner*
* Create complex mixes with 256 internal busses, 160 aux tracks, and 512* total audio tracks
* Share your music mixes with anyone with included MP3 Export

System Requirements

# Avid-qualified Mac OS X- or Windows-based computer
# Windows 7, 32 or 64 bit (all versions - Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate) or Mac 10.6.2 - 10.6.4, 32 or 64 bit (Snow Leopard)

What’s in the Box?

* Pro Tools 9 software DVD (includes bundled software and guides)
* Pro Tools 9 drivers DVD
* Audio Loops DVD
* iLok USB Smart Key (for software authorization)
* Pro Tools 9 installation guide
* Intro to Pro Tools 9 guide
* Software activation card

Software Language Support: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, and Korean

Install instructions:

0. Make sure you have gdb installed. Test by typing "gdb test" into terminal.
1. Uninstall any versions of Pro Tools that are already installed
2. Install Pro Tools, Complete Production Tookit 2 and HEAT (in the optional installers folder) from the full iso
3. Use the [K]'ed installer to overwrite the necessary files
4. Launch Pro Tools from the loader and everything should work as expected

This crack requires Xcode to be installed. Xcode can be downloaded for free from developer.apple.com. Also, DO NOT REPLACE THE LOADER. The loader included with the new release (loader version 1.1) was designed for this release as a background process which is what people wanted. It also now breaks on ptrace so there is no need for the anti-ptrace extension posted later in the topic. To use Pro Tools launch the loader and wait a few seconds. Nothing will show while it does some work in the background and then it will launch the main Pro Tools app a few seconds later. Big thanks to unsanity, simblism, and XVX for their respective contributions.

Bouncing to disk may require you to increase the hardware buffer size, uncheck ignore playback/record errors, and restart pro tools (that fixed the issue for me). Please test and report back with any issues in the appropriate thread.

If you've already installed a purchased copy you should hypothetically be able to download just the crack installer and install that over the purchased copy as it would replace the necessary files. Im not able to test though as I don't have a purchased copy. For general info: the CPTK isn't limited to a single framework that can be replaced but the crack installer replaces all the files that are needed to unlock HD/CPTK so if you want to give it a go feel free to try downloading it. As you can tell from it's size, it doesn't replace every file in the install.

With the new installer do not delete the Pro Tools folder before installing the crack or things won't work properly


Avid Pro Tools 9.0 (4.66GB)

Avid Pro Tools 9.0 loader 1.1 (466 MB)

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Comments [28]
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  • Dexxy
    21 November 2010 19:57
    • wink
  • hdh
    21 November 2010 22:40
    • M- AUDO

  • wmproduction
    21 November 2010 23:10
    • Original disk ?
    22 November 2010 12:04
    • gdb ??
  • magesythankyou
    22 November 2010 14:57
    • gdb ?? whats that? anyone can confirm its working ?
  • paulevans
    22 November 2010 15:27
    • and windows7, anyone have predictions?
  • magesythankyou
    22 November 2010 15:31
    • paulevans,
      yess that would be appreciated wink
      HEAT too... geheh

      not working here... the loader does not start anything ? maybe gdb? whatever that is....
  • ekkivegas
    22 November 2010 16:52
    • Yeah, works fine here!

      I installed the XCode Installer from the apple site,
      the loader seems to start something in background, afterwards started PT9HD and it worked perfectly!

      Thanks guys, great job!
  • darkdivizion
    22 November 2010 17:00
    • i installed this last night.

      first, you'll need to have Xcode installed and this will install the "gdb"
      search on google and you'll find it.

      do a full uninstall of pro tools, after that go to application folder and delete the digidesign and or avid folder.

      2^ => install xcode
      3^ => install full pro tools.
      4^ => go to the "additional folder and install " complete tollkit 2 " and "heat"
      5^ => install the loader.
      6^ => reboot your mac.
      7=> lauch pt 9 loader in the app => avid => PT9 LOADER.


  • sthill
    22 November 2010 19:32
    • awesome ,awesome.awesome!!!! wink
  • hugine
    22 November 2010 21:48
    • sthill,
      I have accel in HD 3 but HEAT don't work
  • jimyy03
    23 November 2010 00:45
    • thanks, pc too, or only mac?
  • gblaze23
    24 November 2010 09:34
    • works perfectly! the only thing is that you have to go into applications, and to the digidesign folder, and into the pro tools folder and from the run the "PT9 Loader" so it wont ask you for the Ilok key...i recommend putting a shortcut in your desktop of the PT9 Loader so it can be easier all the time,, and also to avoid opening the uncracked version of pt..thanks wink
  • mdo
    24 November 2010 10:08
    • nice, good job guys!!
      so far the only problem for me is the bounce to disk issue, even increasing the buffer size unchecking errors and restarting pt9 wont bounce. i have to print the mix recording it into a stereo track.
      all plugins working except waves 7r15, have to go back to 7r8 version.
      no big deal for having pt9!!!
      thanks a lot to all the guys that are working on it!!! will be waiting for heat!!! thats gonna be awesome!!! -mdo
  • ally365
    25 November 2010 20:14
    • i do have a problem mine says mine soundcard is not good configured i got an apogee ensemble does anyone no about this problem or how its related
  • DJS
    13 January 2011 22:26
    • doesn't bounce ...
  • meispilgrim
    26 January 2011 07:32
    • Hi guys,

      I need help! I did all the steps, but it seems not working.

      When I clicked on PT9Loader, nothing happened. If I clicked on the Pro Tools icon on the dash board, it loaded Pro Tools HD9 but with error message that I need to insert the necessary iLok to continue.

      Did I miss anything? Please help....

      P.S.: I installed Xcode V1.0
  • factoryx
    26 January 2011 22:37
    • the links are dead recourse , could you please re post it again.thanks
  • drummi3
    27 January 2011 00:02
    • I just downloaded this today too along with xcode. I follow all the steps and come to the same non-bouncing launcher.
  • mdo
    30 January 2011 19:08
    • - you need to install xcode 3.2.5 (it uses GDB 6.3) to run pt9
      - for bounce to disk just quit pt9, turn the airport off, start pt9 from the ptloader and do the bounce
      - I've heard GDB 7.2 is better than GDB 6.3 and stops the ilok issue, and repairs beat detective and strip silence functions, anyone tried installing GDB 7.2??
    4 February 2011 01:58
    • OK but my Mbox don't work
      I need a update?
    13 February 2011 21:02
    • with Mbox_2_Driver_v90_69594,no probemo !!

      one month after:
      "initializing machine control" wait ,wait ,wait ....anyone have the same bug?
    14 February 2011 19:34
    • If i put 9.0.1update the pt loader don't work !!
  • srab8009
    24 February 2011 18:02
    • thank you for that
  • goflow05
    22 March 2011 11:01
    • hey guys
      so I followed all the instructions and it worked fine for me the first time.
      Now I come back later to use pro tools and the ptloader isn't opening at all... am I missing anything???
  • Boonchoo
    21 April 2011 15:25
    • I have this installed and works fine, apart from the occasional iLok query and have to save and restart. Is it possible to use Avid's 9.0.2 updater and still have this work?
  • damious
    8 August 2012 17:52
    • Please help. I'm trying to get this to work with my digi003 but the sound keeps trying to go through my computer speakers and input. I downloaded this version because I had to upgrade my mac to snow leopard 10.6.8 and this crap doesn't work with my old version of tools. Please help me!!!
  • metalcoreguy
    16 August 2012 05:12
    • The hotfile link doesnt work please fix that! I really need this software :D

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