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Steinberg Nuendo v5.0.1 x86

Steinberg Nuendo v5.0.1 x86
Steinberg Nuendo v5.0.1 x86 | 36 MB

Nuendo 5 is the world’s number one in native audio postproduction, with a superior feature set that surpasses all your expectations. It includes tools that allow an ADR-like workflow, including EDL support. Not only does Nuendo 5 come with excellent surround features, but also provides a unique automatable bus-destination routing system that lets you create different mix versions in one go. A new video engine guarantees stable video playback, and the ability to work with multi-mono files means industry openness. An array of additional enhancements and 64-bit technologies boost performance and enables Nuendo 5 to handle large projects.







This version of Nuendo 5 Contains only DAW features and VST plugin..Some Reverb Impulses are missing as it is a small version but you can do

your work...Hell yeah..

Platform: WinXP,Win 7

Cracked by ronnie009rocks

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Comments [15]
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  • Laki
    1 October 2012 11:05
    • is it joke ???
  • louplarsen
    1 October 2012 12:50
    • Only 36MB ????
  • musicman
    1 October 2012 13:50
    • 36 MB? only x86? any info about cracked team?

      I think that is b...sh..t.

  • evita
    1 October 2012 16:17
    • fake angry
  • handel
    1 October 2012 17:22
    • Seems to work to a point then bombs out.

      Is it possible to fix or do a x64bit version?

      Thanks for trying anyway.
  • nexusser
    1 October 2012 17:54
    • Crashes on Windows 7, 64 bit.
  • martel80
    1 October 2012 18:02
    • HAHahahah


      Sad to see that its time bombed tho' :(

      EDIT :

      After reading a lot of comment on some other site.....it seems like this is working for real and that you can even upgrade it to 5.1 and 5.2
      Seems like the old content from 4.3 is causing the time bomb and some waves plugin and rob papen plugin might also be the cause why it keeps on crashing
  • andrewdee
    1 October 2012 22:37
    • How come all the big crackers out there couldn't do this and a newbe has a very easy crack, yes it works perfect
  • martel80
    1 October 2012 22:53
    • i think we will have a full release soon !
  • Quadro
    1 October 2012 23:21
    • i have just tried and it works fine but it seems to have the same error like refx nexus......When you load a vst on it then comes out that error but this error doesn't bother the vst instruments......

      Doesn any one have the same problem i do?

      So if they are trying to crack nuendo 5 i thing that they are cracking cubase 6.5 i hope you crack cubase 6 if you want i can sent you the package of cubase 6

  • barxls
    2 October 2012 02:20
    • Is it an LE version or something?

      You can get a copy of Steinberg Cubase 6 LE online. I found it on Demonoid but the site is now offline :-(

      Anyway - you just had to register for a free Steinberg account and it worked and you could update it!

      It was a limited version of Cubase 6 which was shipped with Yamaha mixing desks and other professional products.

      To get this to work without screwing up my previous USB eLicenser cracks (Nexus / Arturia / etc)...I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on another partition and used this for Cubase 6 LE. I also downloaded a functioning 30 day trial of Retrologue which worked - with no USB dongle!

      You could easily make music and render WAV files with it - and it was quite nice.
  • martel80
    2 October 2012 03:44
    • Quadro,

      I dont think the cracker will crack cubase....this thing was a one shot deal i think !!

      It was not a team ( AiR, Dynamic ....) that crack this,....it was a single individual !

      But anyway, this is already a good start !!

      If some team are looking for something serious to work on....they could get some serious credibility by cracking this one with the 5gb Nuendo 5.5 version

      Lets see if there's still good team out there as AiR and H2O used to be !!

      Let me doubt that !!
  • nelepos
    2 October 2012 07:37
    • works, but crash on track adding...
      amazing work, dude...we hope you finish it
  • detonate
    2 October 2012 21:23
    • works fine for me on windows 7 64 bit :-) built 2 whole tracks in this so far nice one ! cubase 6 !!! PLZ !!!
  • outcry
    4 October 2012 13:00
    • Steinberg Nuendo 5.0.1 WinXP(x86)-Win7(x86)

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